Boice eager to run for full term as state representative

After being thrown into the fire by being appointed in the middle of the legislative session, Court Boice is hoping voters will give him a full term as state representative in House District 1.

Boice, who moved the Legislature after serving six years as county commissioner in Curry County, said the lessons he learned during his first legislative session have prepared him to be an effective lawmaker representing parts of Coos, Curry and Douglas counties.

Boice officially filed to run for election a few weeks ago, saying it was honor to serve.

“It was enjoyable to walk from the Capitol across the street to the Secretary of State recently. I wanted to re-file for public office in a traditional way,” Boice said. “As we head toward 2024, I look for solid and continuing success as my job is to do everything possible to improve the quality of life for everyone I represent. With all required, this past nine months has been very intense, which of course, included the summer fires. However, what a privilege it is to be a public servant for our three counties.”


Boice said he is eager to move to the short session in the coming months and is ready to continue to fight for his district.

“I’m in the fight,” he said. “I’m full of energy, I have health. I built the right relationships. I love people. I have eight to 10 Democrats I work with. We need to save the state. We’re in trouble.”

One of the big issues facing the state is the homelessness crisis and an overall lack of housing. As a member of the Housing and Homelessness Committee, Boice said he is working with both parties to find solutions.

“I’m on the opposite party, but the governor is doing a great job on this,” Boice said. “She’s got good people around here. She treats me with respect.”

Boice said one of the toughest votes he made in the last session was in support of Gov. Tina Kotek’s plan to provide funding to only the largest counties to battle homelessness. Boice said while most of the state was left out, supporting the governor in that action helped he and others negotiate a plan to add funding for rural counties.

“We got $40 million, so that was a win,” Boice said.

Boice is also supportive of a Republican plan to overturn Measure 110 that decrminalized almost all drug use in the state.

“110 has brought us an enormous mess,” Boice said. “The crime, the homelessness, all the crap. I have grandchildren, and I don’t want to leave this mess. Re-criminalize hard drug usage and mandatory treatment for those stuck in addictions. Our citizens are rightfully concerned and faced every day with a declining Oregon. The far-left has been in charge of our state now for more than 40 years. We need a balance of power with conservative majorities in the Oregon House and Senate.”

As it has been for many years, a key issue for Boice remains improving the state’s response to wildfires. This summer, he worked around the clock to help local, state and federal agencies fight several major fires in Curry County, and he said it’s time to make changes to stop the fires before they turn disastrous.

“We’re making some headway,” Boice said. “But we’re still not managing our forests very well. They won’t let us in to harvest the trees after the fires, and the trees become sticks of dynamite in the next fire. We have parts of Curry County that have burned three times.”

Boice has the endorsement of the Oregon Taxpayers Association, Oregon Right to Life, a 100% positive voting record with the National Federation of Independent Business, Oregon Forest Resource Council and many more.

“I’m honored and humbled by the responsibility of representing 75,000 people in my Coos, Curry and Douglas Tri-Counties,” Boice said. “We can change the present mis-guided course we find ourselves in. Our children and grandchildren are counting on us to make the tough decisions needed. No will outwork me and no one will care more.”


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