My Promises

The Governor Court Boice
Promise to Oregon

Oregon’s problem with government is based in the fundamental ineptitude, dereliction and malfeasance exhibited by consecutive legislative assemblies and administrations.

The Court Boice Oregon Perspective and Resolve – Our existing Oregon government is typically reactionary which always raises taxes and fees while coddling special interests. Other candidates want to “fix” single issues. I want you, the people of our State, to work with me and we will address and rebuild, not just single “pet” issues, but the entire wide range of problems facing Oregon. It’s up to us.

The 23 Court Boice Promise Points. It is time for Oregon to use Common Sense and Logic for Problem Solving! These things I commit to you; as your governor, no one will outwork me and no one will care more about all of Oregonians. Titles and then general information on the Court Boice positions.

  1. Constitutional Protections and Individual Liberties – The Constitution is recognized as the most special and important document ever written other than the Bible. It promises us those God given rights – We shall not reverse the memories of our Founding Fathers. It is why we built monuments of Liberty and now we witness the ruling elite tearing them down! Those brilliant writers clearly did not want a King because they knew that Bill of Rights and constitution would be by far the very best King. It is our Constitution or Chaos. It is Peace or Violence. History is unmistakable and undeniable.
  1. Right to Life For Our Unborn – Who in the world can argue with a “heart beat”, no matter how faint and how early. Who will protect the defenseless? If we don’t know for sure it is alive and is a life, how can we possibly make the decision to destroy a tine helpless baby? When the sperm meets the egg, it is a miraculous flash and the beginning of life.
  1. Strong 2nd Amendment Support – I’m not going to allow you to hurt my family – All that goes way beyond Civil Disobedience…  Marching = all guns with law abiding citizens disappear and the violence increases! If we can’t protect ourselves – it goes to mid-evil mildew –  It is a Civil Right to Protect Ourselves, our Families, Our Property, Our Neighbors, and the Peace. We shall not be arrested for those times we may be forced into that right and responsibility. Bad Guys are Bad Guys!
  1. Fire Prevention Planning – The Boice administration will work with appropriate federal, state and private sector agencies and organizations to review and update timberland fire response plans for full awareness, prevention, response, suppression and recovery as well as preparations and procedures to include immediate and full salvage of burned timber.
  1. Complete Rebuilding of our Oregon Law Enforcement – We will defund the radical groups controlling our State, not our L.E. This will take substantial and additional planning, recruiting and Funding. We want to simply build the very best, highest standards, and best organized Public Safety and First Responder Foundations found anywhere! Police Presence – they are our Heroes!!! The most important building block in a Civilized Society … The War On Cops has to be stopped! In a Boice Administration, every Public Safety Organization in Oregon will fully cooperate with all others as well as law enforcement of other states and interface with federal law enforcement organizations in the enforcement of federal law. Oregon’s law enforcement must be committed to the protection and security of the citizens, personal, private, real and public property. Federal law enforcement will have no authority over Oregon law enforcement or that of L.E. jurisdictions subordinate to the state government of Oregon. Every Police Department subordinate to the Government of Oregon that has defunded any portion of their Law enforcement will immediately restore those funds to the Public Safety Professional entities and reinstate the funding process going forward. Failure to comply can be considered justification for withholding state funding. 
  1. Coastal, Rural and Eastern Oregon Issues – Awareness – Boice will build a strong and effective coalition. Related Policies and unity are and will ultimately be a much improved connection with Urban Oregon. These are the areas that feed all of Oregon and they deserve to have their voices heard and Oregon brand of culture respected.
  1. Oregon’s Veteran Hero’s – Issues – Awareness and Help – We will never forget their sacrifices – all gave some and some gave all.. We shall for decades will remain with a strong moral, and not only to assist but to understand Vets, all issues and needs.
  1. Eliminate Remaining Illegal Executive Mandates – Within the first fifteen days, the Court Boice Administration will accomplish this along with all Executive Mandates are the disposal and elimination of all remaining executive mandates, state and federal, arising from the Covid Pandemic. All existing executive mandates will be placed in abeyance with the presumption that they are illegitimate until proven otherwise.
  1. A Vibrant Oregon Economic Recovery – We will stimulate Oregon’s economy by reducing and eliminating bureaucratic red-tape, unnecessary restrictions, over-reaching regulations and eliminating duplication of powers and authorities in State Government. Reduction and eventual elimination of our state debt which is related and will be an ongoing commitment by the Boice administration. Oregon Companies and Employers deserve incentives to stay here and many will return to our State. Having ajob is good, but creating jobs is even better.
  1. The Reversal of Judicial Tendencies that Protect Criminals – Instead of the Oregon Victims. Every prosecuting attorney in this state and the State Attorney General are put on notice that, effective on day one, law enforcement in Oregon will be consistent, aggressive and in accordance with our Oregon Penal Code. District Attorneys have neither the authority to, nor the privilege of placing their opinions or evaluation of the Oregon Code or the laws of the United States in any public record of current or future cases involving criminal justice in this state or to alter bail laws or in any way to act or speak on behalf of defendants. Prosecutors are charged to represent one client: The State of Oregon and they will enforce the laws of Oregon as they exist. Prosecutors have a moral duty to be committed to protecting our people first and foremost. We on occasion all have to reminded that Government is our protector, not our provider.
  1. Stop the Political Indoctrination of our Children’s Education – The Court Boice Administration will immediately take steps to prohibit social or cultural philosophies or influence from public education at any level in Oregon including our university level. The Boice administration will focus on a traditional academics-based curriculum that is consistent, legitimate, measurable and competitive with systems throughout the nation. This must be achieved through the consent of the parents and taxpayers. Tenure in public education must be eliminated. The role of the Oregon Department of Education is administering public education to standards, on time and on budget. While academic education will receive added emphasis, skill and vocational training will receive added support in secondary and post-secondary education. 
  1. Oregon Energy Diversity and Independence – That wise focus and approach will more rapidly bring us to a well-planned and long term transition to Green and Blue Energy technology. Boice has been working on Offshore Wind Power for years – Oregon has great Marine Renewable potential and it is very promising and successful in Western Europe and the Eastern United States. This can be a tremendous ‘boon’ for our Economy, Employment and Energy needs. Any-all Environmental concerns are and will be mitigated as has been done many years ago in Western Europe and the Eastern United States.
  1. Environmental Heritage, Awareness and Protection – Oregon’s beauty and wonderful geographic diversity is without equal in North America. We have a rigid responsibility to understand what blessing we have here. We must through guided and guarded wise management turn our gorgeous scenic landscapes into our Citizens and Visitors advantages alike. This will consistently improve our quality of life and build a better future for our Children.
  1. Rebuild Oregon Metro – Strong Visitor Base Will Return – There are criminals and crime in our Urban Streets. Boice asks, “if we don’t solve this and push back now, where will be a few months or a few years from now”? This can not and must not be delayed or even ignored.
  1. Terminate Oregon as a “Sanctuary State” – The Boice Administration will take steps to block this detrimental activity to Oregon Citizens and all subordinate jurisdictions.
  1. Annual Audits of Oregon Government and all Departments – will be conducted without hesitation.
  1. No More Raising Taxes and Fees without Public Referendum Consent – All existing laws and enactments that raise or establish fees and taxes and have been exempted from referendum by legislative and executive application of the emergency clause will be placed in solid abeyance until they are approved in referendum as provided for in our State Constitution. Any law or enactment that raises or establishes taxes or fees or is an additional levy of funding for any reason and is exempted from referendum, via use of the emergency clause, regardless of the parsing of title or classification will be summarily vetoed. When the government takes money out of the peoples’ pocket, for whatever reason, it’s a tax and they will be subject to a Voter Referendum in Oregon.
  1. Workable Solutions for the Growing Homelessness Problem – The Court Boice administration will work with the legislature to develop and implement strong and effective measures to deal with the un-housed. We will address sheltering but we will not simply build new taxpayer funded ghettos and hide the homeless. “Out of sight, out of mind” is not acceptable and trapping these people, especially including entire families, as indigents in perpetuity is effectively assigning them second class citizenship. Just as with the rest of the population, these people need a thriving economic environment, employment opportunities, law, order and access to public education for their families. The purpose of indigent support and assistance is to help these people find a way out of poverty. Indigent support services and subsidies will no longer be “a way of life” in Oregon. Indigent support and subsidy programs will be reviewed with the clear intent that the professional, habitual or chronic indigents who come here from other states will simply be eliminated from State programs.
  1. Restricting Future Emergency Declarations – The Boice Administration will work with the appropriate agencies of the State and Federal governments to initiate a thorough assessment and evaluation of emergency declarations. As well, we’ll work on operations and procedures to standardize terminology and clearly define roles, powers and authorities. This will ensure seamless interfacing in accordance with Combined Federal Regulations from the local emergency up to the federal programs for response, recovery and remediation. Exception: Not to be concerned with Natural and Man-made Disasters Declarations.
  1. The Court Boice Environmental Protection Record – The Saving of and Wise Multiple-Use of our Natural Resources – The Boice Administration will push for effective water, timber, watersheds, Anadramous Fish and all related to vastly improve Resource Management Policies in Oregon. Everything must be based on proven science and not on theories, political interests, or the radical Environmental group excessive powers.
  1. Term Limits for Public Officials – It’s Time – There are many rational arguments. The Court Boice Administration will actively promote public dialogue and debate on the institution of term limits applicable to all levels of elected office in Oregon.
  1. Personal and Real Property Rights Protection – including water, timber and mineral rights will be defended.
  1. No more Toxic Waste Generated Outside of Oregon – No longer will our State be available as a waste depository for dumping.

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