Politics: Boice files for reelection

State Rep. Court Boice (R) has filed for reelection in Dist. 1.

“In Salem, the Portland elite continue their assault on our rights and freedoms by dictating how parents should raise their children, even pushing transgender surgeries for minors without parental consent. They continue to take away our 2nd Amendment rights, let criminals out of prison while at the same time curtailing our police and too pushing to give the homeless each a free $1,000 check per month. It is simply staggering the great distance from reality suffered by the PDX radical approach to life and governance,” Boice said in announcing his reelection bid. “We need a return to statesmanship, integrity, accountability, cautious spending and making common sense common once again at the Capitol. I urge all citizens, regardless of political party, to get involved and help to positively impact their futures. Successes will require each and every one of us.”

Boice served as a Curry County Commissioner for six years and as a member of the Oregon State Marine Board for eight years. Boice became state representative Feb. 9, 2023.

Source: https://www.currypilot.com/news/politics-boice-files-for-reelection/article_5a5dfc90-7f19-11ee-8422-3f0380d4b0fd.html

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